The Vault Genetics


The goal of The Vault Genetics is to produce the most potent marijuana in the world. Our fully licensed breeding facility allows the study of cannabis genomics and the corresponding benefits at an unprecedented level. The Vault Genetics and MMJ America are pushing the envelop of selective breeding which has resulted in strains that are testing off the charts with record high THC/low CBD, high CBD/low THC, and everything in between.


Rather than jumping on the bandwagon and growing strains just because of their brand name, MMJ America spent years searching for the best cuts from the best strains. We wanted to prove that even with second hand genetics we could produce the highest quality. We worked 18-hour days until we came up with a product that was a respectable winner. 


Our cut of Larry OG placed 2nd in the world in the Indicia category for the 2013 High Times Denver Cannabis Cup, but we didn’t stop there. In 2014, Larry OG took 1st place Indica. Then The Vault Genetics walked away with three 1st place Cups for Indica, Hybrid, and Bubble Hash. In 2015, our genetics reached a significant milestone with 1st and 2nd place Cannabis Cups for CBD Flower, plus 2nd place Indica, 2nd place Non-Solvent Hash and 3rd place Hybrid wins. 2016 was our biggest year yet with 1st place Indica and Indica Hybrid wins, 2nd place CDB Flower, Hybrid Concentrate, CBD Concentrate and Non-Solvent hash awards, plus 3rd place for Sativa Flower.


The Vault Genetics is the first marijuana genetics company that is fully American owned. This isn’t some franchise! MMJ America and our cultivation general manager are changing the game with our selective breeding techniques. Sample The Vault Genetics flower which recently tested at over 30% THC. Then grow your own with our regular or feminized lines of seeds which tout a 96% germination rate. All of which are exclusively available at MMJ America.

303 Headband

Skywalker OG x 818 Headband

Durban Walker

Skywalker x Durban Poison

Larry’s OG

Skywalker OG x Larry OG Kush

Peach Rings

Skywalker OG x Peaches and Cream

XJ 13

Skywalker OG x XJ 13

All American Diesel

SFV male x Chem 91 x 818 Headband

Day Dreamer

Skywalker x Blue Dream Haze

Flo Walker

Skywalker OG x Flo

Lebanese OG

Skywalker OG x Lebanese (Landrace Strain)

Pineapple OG

Skywalker OG x Pineapple Chunk

Denver Diesel

SFV male x Chem 91 x Orginal Sour Diesel

Zen OG

SFV male x Chem 91 x Buddha Tahoe

Super Dawg

SFV male x Chem 91 x Ogiesel

Colorado Bubba

Skywalker x Bubba Kush

Green Crack

Skywalker OG x Green Crack


Skywalker OG x Lavender

Purple Eclipse

Skywalker OG x Purple Urkel

Rocky Mountain High

SFV male x Chem 91 x California Dreamin

Super Chem

SFV male x Chem 91 x SFV a #3

Mass SS

SFV male x Chem 91 x Ogiesel

Double OG

Skywalker x Dead Head OG

Kosher Walker

Skywalker OG x Kosher Kush

Lemon OG

Skywalker OG x Lemon Skunk

Sour Patch Kush

Skywalker OG x Sour Patch Kush

Mile High Medical

SFV male x Chem 91 x California Dreamin

Original Dawg Bud

SFV male x Chem 91 x SFV