Nevada Local Elections: Who Supports Cannabis?

Nevada Local Elections: Who Supports Cannabis?

This November 2020 is not just about electing a new president or re-electing our current president. Nevada has local elections for varying government seats as well this year so make sure you know who is running for office and if they represent your beliefs, including where they stand on cannabis.

Learn more about who is running for the 2020 elections in Nevada.

Who Is Running for Election in Nevada?

The battle born state has the following offices on the ballot:

  • President
  • US House
  • State Supreme Court
  • Intermediate Appellate Courts
  • School Boards
  • Municipal Government

Keep reading or skip to the relevant sections to discover where candidates stand on cannabis.

President of the United States

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest updates on the presidential election, you can catch up by subscribing to our YouTube channel or Instagram or see our 2020 Presidential Candidates on Cannabis Infographic.

For the Republican party, Donald Trump is running for re-election.

As of February 2020, the following candidates are still in the race for the Democratic Party:

  • Joe Biden
  • Michael Bloomberg
  • Amy Klobuchar
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Tom Steyer
  • Elizabeth Warren

Discover where each 2020 candidate stands on cannabis.

US House

This November will also allow Nevada locals to vote for their US House representative. As the lower house of the United States Congress, the House of Representatives make and pass federal laws. State Senators represent their respective states where the US House represents the state’s districts.

There are four districts in Nevada, and these are the incumbents:

District 1 (Southern portion of Nevada, including parts of Clark County)

  • Dina Titus (D) – Incumbent

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Titus helped make the first steps of a marijuana banking bill. 

  • Anthony Thomas Jr. (D)
  • Citlaly Larios-Elias (R)

District 2 (Northern portion of Nevada, including Carson City)

  • Mark Amodei (R) – Incumbent

“It’s not my cup of tea, but that train has left the station,” Amodei said about marijuana in Nevada and was the last member of the Nevada delegation to back the banking bill.

  • Jesse Hurley (R)
  • Patricia Ackerman (D)
  • Ed Cohen (D)
  • Clint Koble (D)
  • Rick Shepherd (D)

District 3 (Southern portion of Nevada, including a portion of Clark County)

  • Susie Lee (D) – Incumbent

Lee said in an interview that the marijuana industry should follow the path gaming took and Nevada has the opportunity to lead the way.

  • Richard Hart (D)
  • Jaylon Calhoun (R) 
  • Corwin Newberry (R) 
  • Daniel Rodimer (R) 
  • Dan Schwartz (R) 
  • Zachary Walkerlieb (R) 

District 4 (Central portion of Nevada, including the counties of White Pine and Nye)

  • Steven Horsford (D) – Incumbent

Horsford also publically supported cannabis banking, stating “Nevada’s legalization of marijuana has proven that it has a place in the modern market and that it is valued by consumers; by the people.” 

  • Leo Blundo (R)
  • Leo Dunson (R)
  • Jim Marchant (R)
  • Charles Navarro (R)
  • Sam Peters (R)
  • Catherine Prato (R)
  • Randi Reed (R)
  • Lisa Song Sutton (R)
  • Rebecca Wood (R)
  • Jonathan Royce Esteban (L)

State Supreme Court

The State Supreme Court is the highest court in the state. It’s important to pay attention to which judges are elected because “the judgment of a state supreme court is considered final and binding on state and federal level.”

While judges run as nonpartisan, however, most judges are still registered under a party and have endorsements from Presidents and other partisans.

For the Nevada Supreme Court Seat D, the following are running in the primary on June 9, 2020: 

  • Ozzie Fumo (Nonpartisan) – Incumbent

One of Fumo’s top priorities in his election in 2018 was to maximize the money coming from the marijuana industry for the community.

  • Douglas Herndon (Nonpartisan)
  • Erv Nelson (Nonpartisan)

For Nevada Supreme Court Seat B, the following are running in the primary on June 9, 2020.

  • Kris Pickering (Nonpartisan) – Incumbent
  • Thomas Christensen (Nonpartisan)
  • Esther Rodriguez (Nonpartisan)

There are no other published reports about the remaining judges and their stance on marijuana.

State Assembly

Though the lower house of the state legislature, the State Assembly still works alongside the Senate and the Governor to create laws and establish a state-wide budget. They are also responsible for passing bills on public policy matters and setting levels for state spending, in other words, raising and lowering taxes. Your district might have an assemblyman or woman running for re-election.

Find out who your legislator is by the district you live in. Their bills and voting history are public record.

Intermediate Appellate Courts

Intermediate appellate courts are the courts below the Supreme Court but higher than the municipal and justiceNevada Local Elections: Who Supports Cannabis? courts. In November 2020, there is one seat up for nonpartisan election in the Nevada Court of Appeals. This court takes cases from the State Supreme Court, overseeing major case appeals.

  • Bonnie Bulla (Nonpartisan)
  • Susan Bush (Nonpartisan)

Neither candidate has a reported stance on cannabis.

Nevada Local Elections: This Is Our America

It’s important to educate your vote for your nation and your city’s future. Be sure to follow us to stay updated on the latest news for local and national elections.

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