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Denver MJ business owner (MMJ America) picked for local Chamber of Commerce. “To have my background in this business sitting next to some of the names on this board, it absolutely speaks to the more socially accepting aspects of what this industry has become over the years...”




The October 2016 issue of High Times Magazine features an interview with MMJ America’s CEO, Jake Salazar. Read about our roots and trailblazing efforts that turned a small caregiver operation into a national brand with 18 Cannabis Cup Wins.




The top business leaders in the colorado cannabis industry. Currently, the leaders of these businesses are going head-to-head here in the Centennial State. The men and women on the 2016 Leafbuyer Power List were nominated by peers and professionals in the cannabis industry. These business leaders and entrepreneurs are shaping the fastest-growing, most competitive and potentially the most societal changing industry in the history of Colorado.




Get to know one of our owners and head of day to day operations, Marques Moore. Take a behind the scenes look at what's coming next for the Colorado cannabis industry into the ways in which MMJ America is leading in "cannabusiness."




This feature focuses on how MMJ America in innovating America's fastest-growing industry through expansion and innovation in all sectors of the marijuana industry.




This feature focuses on how residents of other states are coming to Colorado to expereince the world of recreational marijuana. MMJ America in downtown Denver is actually the final destination for travelers from across the country, including Iowa.




Retail marijuana has seen nothing but positivity since sales begin in January of 2014. Traffic to Denver from all over the world is proof that this industry is here to stay. 




Read the story or watch the video to learn about MMJ America's prospects in the brand new medical marijuana business that is about to begin in Nevada. As MMJ America co-owner David Ross put it "It's funny. Probably the rest of the country thinks that Nevada is so liberal because of the gaming. But in fact, they do dot the i's and cross the t's," 




As of 1/1/2014, Colorado businesses with state approval are permitted to sell marijuana to any adult over the age of 21. Washington is a couple months behind but still on track for setting up its own legal distribution system for recreational marijuana. This article from Rolling Stone Magazine looks to MMJ America as an example of a leader in the industry preparing for legal recreational sales. 




The ski and snowboard industry has always been Colorado’s biggest tourism draw. However the new reason to visit the state is going to give that established industry a run for its money. The marijuana tourism industry is just picking up steam as "Colorful Colorado" prepares for recreational legal marijuana sales. 




7 News looks to MMJ America when it needs an update on Colorado's hottest topic: legal recreational marijuana. A few of our owners/corporate officers sat down to discuss the process and the timing. It's always a priority for us to ensure complete compliance with all laws, so it will take us a few weeks after January 1st before we launch rec legal sales.




The medical marijuana industry in Colorado has set an example for other states that are determining how to implement their own regulations. Some may be stricter than others; but the policies implemented in Colorado have allowed for economic prosperity in the form of tax revenue for the state and more jobs for the people. 




MMJ America and other leaders in the Colorado cannabis industry have been showing the way for other states looking to implement medical marijuana laws. MMJ America is not only leading the way when others look for how to manage security, patient care and quality of medication, we are also franchising in new states hoping to bring our efficient and proven business model there.