The Cannabis Economy

High-Paying Jobs Available in New Medical Marijuana Industry

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DENVER —Inside a large modified warehouse in the Denver area, someone's multimillion-dollar investment in Colorado's medical marijuana industry is growing and thriving.


NewsCenter 5's Heather Unruh took an exclusive tour of an enormous grow house, walking past rows and rows of large, high-quality marijuana plants -- all ready to be harvested the next day.


The owner predicted it would take roughly three weeks to have the plants processed and delivered to Denver dispensaries.


The success of this business depends on the skill of "master growers" -- one of the many new jobs in this exploding new industry.


"There are a lot of jobs to be had," said Jake Salazar, owner of MMJ America, a highly-successful dispensary with three locations in Colorado.


"We employed directly in excess of 10,000 employees -- residents of the state of Colorado -- that are working in the cannabis community," said Tripp Keber, founder of Dixie Elixirs, a Denver-based company that manufactures medicated edibles like sodas and candies.


The occupations include high-salary executive jobs, scientists, security and accountants as well as jobs in marketing, sales and licensing. Attorneys also are finding new opportunities.


"We are one of very few law firms that have expertise in medical marijuana law," said Brian Vicente, a partner with Vicente Sederberg, LLC, in Denver. His firm just opened an office in Massachusetts.


"Patients need access to medicine now," he said. "And in Massachusetts, the sooner we have access through stores, the less patients have to go to street corners to get it."

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