Marijuana Education

At MMJ America, we believe that knowledge is power, educating patients, staff and the community about the capabilities of medical marijuana is essential to fostering understanding and acceptance. For years marijuana has been lumped into the same category as addictive and dangerous drugs for all the wrong reasons. Our goal is to provide anyone with interest in medical marijuana with all the resources they need to get educated. Fight for your right to burn the fire of freedom by being an informed citizen and educate yourself on the health benefits of medical marijuana, history of medical marijuana and much more with the medical marijuana Colorado information provided here.


The History of Medical Marijuana

Dive into history with our MMJ Timeline to learn about how it all began and how we got to where we are today with medical marijuana and legal marijuana in Colorado.



MMJ America is here to answer any medical marijuana questions you may have. Here are the ones we are most commonly asked.


Colorado Marijuana Laws

Amendment 64 and Amendment 20 made a little bit simpler for everyone.


Health Benefits

For more information on the proven health benefits medical marijuana has to offer, click here.


MMJ Glossary

Learn all you need to know about MMJ using our illustrative glossary to help you better understand the wonderful world of marijuana.