Lauren’s MMJ American Dream Come True

MMJA-SnoopConcert-4x6-FAs part of the first ever legal 4/20 MMJ America gave wanted o give people the chance to take it to the next level with our #SayHighToSnoop backstage VIP meet-n-greet contest. We met lots of cool people from out of state and all over the world that weekend. Our contest winner Lauren, a 28 year old esthetician (AKA a pro at fancy facials) is from Connecticut and hoping to transition into the cannabis industry in the future.

In early April, Lauren found out about the 420 #sayhightosnoop contest by following Snoop on Instagram.  She had already planned trip out to Colorado for the weekend, but tickets for the Wellness Retreat Concert at Red Rocks were not in the budget.  Although these contests often seem too good to be true, Lauren really wanted to go, and figured with nothing to lose and free VIP tickets and getting to meet Snoop to gain, she entered on a whim.
When we asked Lauren to tell us about her experience we learned that there could not have been a more deserving contestant in the #SayHighToSnoop contest. Read Lauren’s Story in her own words to learn why.
“I already had the trip (to Colorado) booked before I knew about my surgery, and initially I thought about canceling the trip so I could have the surgery sooner.  But in the end, the timing worked out perfectly-- I had my surgery as originally scheduled and I was still able to go and enjoy 420 as a "last hurrah" for a few months.  I am on week 4 of 6 weeks of bed rest, but will still have many more weeks of taking it easy.  Using cannabis has helped me be less dependent on pain pills, and unquestionably helps me manage the significant pain from my surgery and subsequent long-term healing.

I believe that winning this contest and meeting Snoop was fate, and that I made the right decision to keep my surgery as scheduled and take my friend to Colorado.  We are now making plans to move out there, and I know that seeing Colorado first-hand and having such an outstanding trip was a big reason why this is happening.


Meeting Snoop was amazing-- he was so nice and friendly, but I was so star-struck I couldn't say half of what I wanted to.  He is such a inspiration to me and so many of my friends-- even with all the obstacles in his life he has always overcome and stayed positive.  He took eleven photos with me, and was more than happy to sign everything I had and even gave me one of his SnoopDogg limited edition G-Micro Vaporizer Pens.  I could not have asked for a better experience and am so thrilled I got to meet a living legend.


I am so grateful to MMJ America for having this contest and giving me this opportunity-- my friend says that it was the best vacation of her life, and I know we will both remember our first 420 in Colorado together for the rest of our lives.”


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