Latest News on 2020 Presidential Candidates and Their Views on Cannabis

Latest News on 2020 Presidential Candidates and Their Views on Cannabis

The first Democratic caucuses are a few short months away. The caucuses begin in Iowa on February 3 and the Nevada caucuses start on February 22nd. Do you know where your candidate or president stands on cannabis? Educate your vote before the 2020 elections.

Who Will Represent Our America?

Latest 2020 Presidential Candidates Stance on Cannabis

After several debates in 2019 and 3 more scheduled before the Democratic National Convention, the 2020 candidates have narrowed to 15 Democrats and four Republicans. Some have dropped out while some have jumped in. 

In alphabetical order, below is the list of presidential candidates, their stance, and plan (if any) for federal legalization and decriminalization.

(Please note: the letter next to the candidates’ name denotes party. This list is updated weekly as some candidates will drop out.)

Michael Bennet (D)

Yes, the Colorado Senator does support federal legalization. However, his past his been vague on recognized support.

Joe Biden (D)

The former VP does not support federal legalization. He’s also reported to have a poor response history on the topic.

Michael Bloomberg (D)

Bloomberg has been the most outspoken about his anti-advocacy. In fact, he’s quoted saying that a policy change would be the “stupidest thing anybody has ever done.” 

Cory Booker (D)

Booker actively supports and has supported cannabis legalization.

Steve Bullock (D)

Another recent Democratic party addition in the run for the presidency, Bullock has supported medical cannabis, but his stance on legalizing marijuana for adult use is uncertain.

Pete Buttigieg (D)

2020 candidates on cannabis campaign micro graphic

Yes, the former U.S. Naval Reserve officer backs cannabis for all across America. Although the youngest to run, Buttigieg has not signed any legislation in the past in support of this stance.

Julián Castro (D)

During the Obama Administration, Castro served as the youngest member of President Obama’s Cabinet and is reportedly in support of marijuana as well.

John Delaney (D)

Overall, it’s unclear if the former Maryland representative is in favor of cannabis’s favor.

Roque De La Fuente (R)

It’s unclear if Fuente has shown any evidence of advocacy, much less any current support.

Tulsi Gabbard (D)

Yes, and sources also say Gabbard has sponsored and cosponsored many cannabis reform bills.

Amy Klobuchar (D)

It’s unclear if Klobuchar has shown any evidence of advocacy, much less any current support.

Deval Patrick (D)

One of the most recently added candidates running for president, Patrick appears to have no solidified platform regarding decriminalization reform, nor recreational and medical use either.

Tim Ryan (D)

Ohio’s US Representative Tim Ryan has a reliable record in supporting cannabis and drug reform. In a CNN Op-ed, Ryan also wrote an unabashed call-to-action back in 2018. 

Bernie Sanders (I)

Additionally, the Vermont Senator and previous 2016 Democratic incumbent is a longstanding champion for the ongoing national issue. Sanders even stated that having marijuana as a Schedule I drug is “absurd.”

Joe Sestak (D)

Retired Navy Officer, Sestak has not revealed any forthright stance but often votes in favor of protecting states’ rights.

Tom Steyer (D)

Philanthropist, environmentalist, and billionaire, Steyer has yet to relay his exact stance on cannabis.

Donald Trump (R)

Our current Commander and Chief has not had an explicit platform regarding marijuana. There’s no clear cut answer on his plan other than that he’s left it up to the states to decide on their own.

Elizabeth Warren (D)

Warren hasn’t always supported adult-use. In recent years, however, she’s joined several sponsorships.

Joe Walsh (R)

Walsh has quoted publicly about marijuana: 

Bill Weld (R)

According to some sources, Weld has supported the “legalization of medical marijuana since 1992.”

Marianne Williamson (D)

According to a few comments and Tweets, Williamson has proved to be an ally.

Andrew Yang (D)

Venture for America founder and entrepreneur, Yang has been straightforward on his favorable support of legalization. 

See the full 2020 Presidential Candidates on Cannabis Infographic.

Cannabis in the News

While more and more candidates are expressing their opinions on cannabis, here are a few of the candidates that have proposed a plan for marijuana, its legalization and decriminalization.

After a recent to Las Vegas and admitting to having consumed marijuana “a handful of times,” Democratic candidate Buttigieg said it was time for the federal government to legalize marijuana. AP News also reported the Indiana Mayor saying, “ the U.S. also needs to expunge marijuana convictions, especially because they’ve disproportionately affected minorities.”

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, has been a little less subtle. He released a plan to legalize marijuana at 4:20 p.m. in October. Vox reports that Sanders’s plan is among the most ambitious. 

Former Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, still opposes legalizing marijuana, according to CNN. This has resulted in criticism from his fellow running mates.

Most of the candidates, except Biden, have endorsed legalizing marijuana. Elizabeth Warren, alongside Sanders, have verified that they would use their executive authority to deschedule cannabis, effectively legalize the drug at the federal level.

What’s Next for Our America?

On November 3, 2020, America will elect the next president of the United States or re-elect the current president. The last Republican to lose re-election was the late George W. H. Bush in 1992.

When you reach the ballot box next year, you’ll answer the question, who will lead us to a better life together, protect liberty, and our pursuit of happiness?

Educate your vote by following us for the latest candidate updates.

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