How to use the backend dashboard!

This backend area of your site is where you can control various marketing tools for your site. Before moving on it’s important to note that the “Dashboard” button in the website footer will return you to the dashboard home, regardless of which page you are on.


Posts (Content Creation)

The first area is for content – in this case, there is a button for making coupons that show on the Coupons page! Click on “Create New Coupon” and follow the descriptios.


How to – Creating a Coupon


The first step for making a coupon is adding a post title. This will not display on the coupon itself, but it’s useful for organizing lots of coupons in your post editor. We recommend something like “C-15off”. Starting the name with “C” indicates that it is a coupon, and the extra tag describes exactly what it’s about.

“Status” is a way to keep unused or expired coupons for future use, instead of deleting a coupon and having to create another one from scratch.

“Order” is useful for displaying certain coupons or groups of coupons first. If coupons have the same number, they will display alphabetically within that number. Coupons with a smaller number appear earlier than larger ones.


This section is where details that display live will be input. The next step is to add a short offer. “FREE” or an amount off like “15%” is great–you only want the buzzword, and it has to be short and sweet! Immediately following the buzzword is the description. The buzzword is the first one or few words of a complete sentence, and this description finishes it off. Make sure to add more specific details in the similarly-named “Details” field.


Everything else should be fairly intuitive, with the exception being the restrictions. The first sentence is meant to tell guests exactly how to claim their coupon. The rest of the section is mandatory legal text copy that stops the coupon from being misused–when in doubt, only change the first sentence!

Once everything is filled out, submit your coupon! “Post Manager” takes you to the similarly-named page. (See: “Posts” below)


Posts (Manage Posts)

This button will lead you to an area that allows you to view and edit any posts you’ve made. You will see a small thumbnail of each post image, the title, the admin status of the post, and options for editing or deleting a post.





If you have any comments, concerns or troubleshooting issues, please contact Bryce King at Medina Communications!

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