Growing Colorado’s Best Medical Marijuana

Cultivating Marijuana in Colorado Compassionately

MMJ America grows premium genetics with effective techniques in order to provide the highest quality marijuana that Colorado can offer at unbeatable prices. The proprietary grow systems that we have developed and implemented at our cultivation facilities make it possible for us to pass savings back to our customers. Our growers and trimmers maintain and manicure the cannabis to ensure that it meets our high standards of quality.

We employ experienced growers and have developed relationships with Colorado’s premier geneticists to create some of the most potent marijuana strains in the world. Our new genetics are still in development, so we’re keeping the seeds in The Vault for now. We’ve already won a Cannabis Cup Award, but we can guarantee we’ll be adding more trophies to our collection very soon with the introduction of our exclusive genetics.


In addition to growing flowers for medical consumption, MMJ America is also pursuing commercial hemp cultivation for industrial purposes. Hemp and marijuana both come from the Cannabis Sativa plant but differ in THC content. See our glossary for more information on this topic. Hemp has a multitude of uses with many environmental benefits. One example of this is paper. Hemp takes much less time to grow than trees, and processing it to make paper products requires less use of harmful chemicals.

The Colorado medical marijuana industry grew tremendously in what was known as the “green rush” with dispensaries outnumbering Starbucks, but today less than 600 remain. MMJ America is proud to enforce and uphold all state regulations for growing our marijuana. It is because of our dedication to keeping our grow practices in line with the law, as well as industry trends and innovation, that we are able to provide our products at unbeatable prices.