Denver Dispensary Review: MMJ America

This Denver dispensary review is for MMJ America at 2042 Arapahoe Street in Denver. I visited this dispensary during the week of 4/20 and the High Times Cannabis Cup, and I have to say of the many dispensaries I reviewed, MMJ America is one of just a couple I would return to regularly if I lived in the area. Offering both recreational and medical marijuana users virtually everything they could need to stay medicated and relaxed, MMJ America is a professional but completely chill Denver dispensary.


Denver Dispensary Review Rating of MMJ America: 4 of 5 Stars!



During the week of 4/20 and the High Times Cannabis Cup, things were pretty crazy in Denver. Lines at all dispensaries were longCustomer map at MMJ America marijuana dispensary in Denver Colorado and constant; sometimes spilling out into the street and snaking down the sidewalk. At one dispensary, I tried to open the door and found that it was blocked by some mass on the other side. Putting my shoulder into it a little, I suddenly realized that there were people standing immediately on the other side of the door, and my efforts to open it were pushing them. The room was so full of people that the door could not be opened, which made it challenging for people just to leave; let alone to attempt to enter the place.

MMJ America was extremely busy as well, but these guys had their shit together. When I walked up the line of customers waiting to
get in stretched out the door and spilled onto the sidewalk. It was quite hot that day and I considered going somewhere else until I saw management come out of the club and begin talking to the crowd.

One manager and the club’s owner would frequently come out of the club and go up and down the line and ask how everyone was doing. They asked if they could get water for anyone, and if any person there had a medical permit, they were pulled out of line and brought instantly inside.

Nice banner at MMJ America DenverThe owner and his manager talked to the crowd, advising them of the estimated amount of time before they could expect to enter the dispensary, and generally just keeping people apprised of the situation. Then they’d pop back inside to make sure staff members in the club were doing everything they could to get people what they needed.

This behavior made the lines move exceptionally fast, but more importantly, the club began to build its reputation with people before they even entered the place. Other dispensaries I had been to in Denver ignored pretty much everyone until they were the next person in line, then the staff only did whatever they had to do to quickly get them out of the place and on their way.
MMJ America took a different approach and it’s one that I appreciate immensely. It’s an old-school type of customer service that is rapidly dying, and the principle is basically this: even if the establishment is exceedingly busy, the staff will acknowledge every new person who comes in the door. Ultimately, the difference in the way MMJ America treated their patrons and the way other Denver dispensaries treated theirs was striking. Many dispensaries I had been to treated patrons as a headache and hassle, while MMJ America treated their patrons like neighbors that they wanted to see come back again and again.

I spoke to the manager and told him I didn’t need to purchase anything; that I just wanted to take some pictures and check the place out. He pulled me out of line right away and led me in so I could “do my thing.” Awesome!

MMJ America: Environment

Strain identification placards at MMJ America in Denver CO

As you approach MMJ America from the street, you’ll quickly be able to find refuge inside, where a spacious foyer will get you out of the rain and sun. Once inside the main door you’ll see a huge and beautifully colored map of MMJ America’s customers on the front wall, and then the shop is divided cleanly into medical marijuana products on the right, and recreational products to the left. Down the center is a wide corridor leading back to some tasteful banners, shelves with clones and seedlings, and some interesting things on the walls to look at if for some strange reason the killer weed products offered aren’t enough to keep your attention.

The medical side was quiet the day that I visited this shop, and it featured far less of the fanfare that was prominent on the
recreational side. Huge bags of processed buds were on a shelf against the back wall, and a glass display case stood in front, featuring a wealth of medicinal marijuana products ranging from edibles to concentrates to medicated beverages. Glass jars on the top of the case contained the strains available for purchase by medical patients.

Cannabis clones for sale at MMJ American in Denver COOn the other side of the shop, recreational customers kept the place busy. People chatted happily as they waited in line, and the only medical patient at the counter at that time struck up a conversation with me about how elated he was to be able to safely and legitimately obtain his medicine without fear of legal or other consequences.

The recreational side of the shop had a few more glass cases and a lot more square footage, which it used to showcase all kinds of cannabis-related items including T-Shirts, hats, grow supplies, vaporizers, etc. However, most people were there for the weed, and MMJ America had plenty of it.


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