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Since the residents voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana Colorado has become the destination for cannabis enthusiasts. There are no guide books for marijuana tours, so we took the liberty of creating the below list of the best stoner spots in the state. Scroll down or click on the DenverBoulder, and Day Trips buttons to jump to the area you plan on visiting. We hope this local know how makes your vacation even more memorable!





The Hill

The Hill is an area of Boulder located just west of the University of Colorado campus. The area is always bustling with student activity throughout the year with summers being a bit more mellow. The Hill has many  various food options geared towards stoners as well as a couple of bars boutiques for shopping where you can certainly find rolling papers and much more.


Pearl Street

In the heart of Downtown Boulder you'll find the Pearl Street Mall. This lovely outdoor walking mall is a perfect place to spend time with family and friends during the day and a great place to party at night. It is also the home of MMJ America’s Boulder location so you can stop in and shop with us before any occasion.  You can also find Boulder’s largest selection of glass pipes and smoking accessories right around the corner at Mile High Pipe and Tobacco. There are tons restaurants and bars for every sensibility and we've listed a few of our favorites below.


Outdoor Activities and Parks

Chautauqua Park is a short walk or drive up the hill and it provides the most beautiful and direct view of the Flatirons. The park has a large grassy area great for hanging out, having a picnic or tossing the frisbee around. There are all sorts of hiking trails in the surrounding area satisfying any level of skill or stonedness.


Flagstaff Mountain  is just beyond Chatauqua Park on Baseline Road. This twisting turning road leads to White Hill Ranch which is a great hiking area with multiple well-defined trails and wide open spaces, ideal for easy mountain biking. If you drive a bit further past the White Hill turn off you come to the top of the mountain and have an amazing view of the city below. Flagstaff Steakhouse is one of Boulder's best restaurants located on the mountain with breathtaking views.


Boulder Falls is a very short hike to see a rushing waterfall that you can stand right next to. It's a perfect photo op to show off the scenery of your Colorado Marijuana Tour!


B-Cycle Rental Bike Rides - Rain, sun or snow, you will probably see people biking around Boulder as there is a huge community of cyclists and outdoors enthusiasts. All around Boulder you will see bike racks with the same red bikes. These are available to rent and offer an ideal way to get around Boulder. The city is very bike friendly and the Boulder Creek path is a fun way to cruise around downtown.


Boulder Reservoir is a good spot to spend a summer day and forget that you are in a land-locked state by chilling on the beach with a beer! Make some new friends playing a pick up game of beach volleyball or watch locals kite and wind surfing. The res is plenty big enough for boating and wakeboarding too if you're in the mood.


Tubing Boulder Creek - If you're looking for something a little bit more fast paced then check out Boulder Creek which runs through downtown Boulder. When the weather is hot you can usually find tubes for sale/rent at gas stations around the creek and people walking around in swim suits for tubing down the creek. Days like this are a blast, but we don't recommend it unless it is a really hot day, stick your toes in the water and you'll know why!

chataquabcycleBeach-VolleyBall-464960493Tubing Creek 82661260


Visual Stimulation



Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art 

1750 13th St, Boulder, CO

This small museum is located just off the Pearl Street Mall in Downtown Boulder. Duck in and check out some culture while exploring the Pearl Street area.



CU Campus,  CUAM and the Fiske Planetarium

Boulder, CO 80309

The University of Colorado campus is extremely beautiful and so large that it actually gets it's own zip code! Walking from one end to the other can take a half hour or more depending on your pace but there are plenty of things to see along the way. Stop into the CU Art Museum or the Fiske Planetarium for some extra visual stimulation. Be aware that CU is public property and therefore you cannot smoke out in the open here and will most likely be fined if you try.

Boulder's Beer

Beer Sampler 187976587


If you haven’t noticed, people from Colorado know how to have a good time. Colorado is notorious for the vast craft beer selection and if you're in town to try Colorado’s green goodies you should certainly try the gold as well (or brown if you're more of a dark beer person). Whatever your taste there is sure to be a beer you will never forget. Here are some of the most famous breweries as well as some new local favorites:


Food and Drink


If you have any dietary restrictions such as gluten free or vegan you will find Boulder to be a food paradise. The Pearl Street Mall and The Hill offer visitors a wide selection from dank munchies when you need them fast to an intimately unique craft food experience. You are sure to find something to satisfy any craving. Here are some of our personal favorites.

Food on The Hill - Munchie Food


Half Fast Subs is a local favorite with the largest selection of subs in all of Boulder if not all of Colorado, a.k.a. a stoner’s paradise! Half Fast is also famous for large pitchers with choices like “Strong Island Ice Teas” and “Slurricanes.” Half Fast is housed in a classic Boulder building from the 1970’s with a gold tiled roof and yellow submarine wall murals to match. When you step into Half Fast Subs, you will feel like you’re stepping back in time, especially if you hit out Boulder dispensary location before hand!


The Sink is Boulders oldest bar founded in 1923! This is a great place to grab a burger or a personal pizza and a drink for a good price. The Sink is always packed if CU has a football game. The sink has been featured on the Food Network's show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.The walls of this classic bar are covered with drawings by beat artists and you can sign your name on the ceiling if you can find a place!


Cheba Hut has been proudly serving stoners since its start. With crazy cool marijauana themed murals covering every inch of the walls and sandwiches named after strains, you know they had you in mind when they designed their spot. Cheeba Hut is notorious for giving away awesome swag on 4/20, so if your planning on coming to Colorado for the celebration don't forget to stop by. There is also a Cheeba Hut in Downtown Denver.


Cosmo's Pizza is HIGHLY regarded as the best pizza in Boulder and is one of the most popular places to be at midnight and beyond. They stay open until 4am, so stop by after last call. This local favorite serves slices up big enough to kill any case of the munchies. Don't forget to try the famous spicy ranch! Right next door to Cosmo's is the No Name Bar. This bar is definitely the classiest place on The Hill to grab a drink if you're not looking to be a part of the crazy college scene.





Food on Pearl Street

(Go during happy hour if you don't wan to break the bank)




Lucille's - Breakfast with a Creole twist, best chai tea in Boulder if not the world.

Dunashabe Tea House - The stunning architecture of this building makes it a unique experience for diners and passers-by alike. 



The Rio - The best margarita in Boulder! Careful they are strong.

Illegal Pete’s - You will never want to eat at Chipotle again.

Aji - Ceviche and Mojitos to die for.



Khow Thai - A little ways off the main walking area of Pearl Street but totally worth it. Rated the best Thai food in Boulder almost every year! This place really knows how to provide good service and get you served fast. While a lot of places pay too much attention to being trendy, this place stick to the basics, damn good Thai food. 

Hapa Sushi - This sushi place puts a fun and modern twist on their dining experience by offering a marijuana pairing menu with tantalizing suggestions for indica, sativa and hybrid strains.


Casual Favorites

The Lazy Dog - Awesome rooftop patio and plenty of TVs for when the game is on! Like any good sports bar, it's all about the wings!

Salvaggio’s Deli - With multiple locations in Denver and Boulder as well as breakfast and lunch sandwiches, Salvaggio's is the best classic Deli.

Pasta Jay’s - This Boulder icon is classic Italian food done right.



Bohemian Biergarten - Awesome German style bar food with monstrous pints and lots of imported draft selections to match. Tons of standing room and large communal tables make it a fun place to come with a group.


The Dark Horse  -  The Dark House is a favorite among locals and visitors thanks to the cheap and consistently delicious burgers and beers as well as the special little quirks such as tricycle racing Tuesday and an endless amount of old movie props. 


The Bitter Bar - With one of Boulders latest happy hours (goes til 7pm) this place is always popping. The non-judgmental spirit and focus on craft cocktails allows for an interesting atmosphere of dreadlocked hippies and the suit and tie crowd all happily enjoying one place. 



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The Mile High City is Colorado's capital and largest metropolitan city. Although it may seem like it's called the Mile High City because everyone is high as a kite, it's actually the elevation, so if you're new to the area be sure to take it easy and drink lots of water! Colorado is the healthiest state in the U.S. and it's easy to see why with so many activities, indoors and out. Here are some of our favorite things to do, see and taste in the Denver so you can personalize your Colorado Marijuana Tour.

The 13th Step at Capitol Hill

200 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO

Wanna get really high? How about a mile high? Then you should check out the 13th step at Denver's Capitol Building in Civic Center Park. The area is known as the center of the civic life in the city, with multiple institutions of arts, government, and culture as well as numerous festivals, parades, and protests throughout the year. When standing on the 13th step you are exactly one mile above sea level!


16th Street Mall

1001 16th Street Mall, Denver, CO

Although you can’t actually smoke on the 16th street mall because it is an open and public place, it is a great destination to experience city life in downtown Denver. This outdoor walking mall has countless restaurants and shops to stimulate your senses.


Best Stoner Shops in Denver



Mile High Pipe and Tobacco

2406 Arapahoe Ave. Denver, CO

Mile High Pipe and Tobacco in Denver is located right next to our Downtown dispensary location. This head shop is sure to knock you off your feet with a selection of glass that other pipe shops just can't compete with. Be sure to show them your receipt from MMJ America for a special deal!



2209 Larimer St, Denver, CO

Grassroots is a progressive clothing line that donates a percentage of proceeds from every purchase. They are best known for their hats with a secret stash pocket hidden inside. Grassroots is more than an apparel store, it’s a gallery and a gathering place for like minded artists who come together to make some crazy awesome creations! Check it out and you’re sure to find something to stimulate the mind.


Outdoor Activities and Parks

Denver Wash Park 139880496Amusement-Park-Swing-133477571 REd Rock Formations 145152149


City ParkWash ParkCivic Center Park

Denver recently changed open container laws and now allows alcoholic beverages that are not in a glass container and under 3.2% alcohol to be consumed in public, making parks a wonderful place for a grown up picnic. City Park and Civic Center Park are definitely more busy and bustling with more activity due to their location and size. Washington Park is the favorite among locals, more room for chilling on the grass. 


Water World & Elitch Gardens

Water World is Denver's water park with crazy slides, rides and wave pools. Elitch Gardens is an amusement park with many roller coasters and games, plus its own water park. Lines and fees are a given at any amusement park and these are no different, but you'll still have a good time with the right people and maybe an MMJ America marijuana edible too.


Rockies Games at Coors Field

2001 Blake St, Denver, CO

Rockies games are always a blast. Soak up the sun, drink some beers with friends and enjoy America's past time! You can usually get tickets the day of a game and Rock Pile tickets are especially cheap because the section is in deep center field. Plus, our Downtown dispensary is just 4 blocks from Coors field. Look for the single row of purple seats in the upper deck which is exactly 5,280 feet above sea level.


Roxborough State Park -

4751 Roxborough Dr, Littleton, CO

This State park is one of Colorado's less known parks and it's just short drive southwest of Denver. This area is filled with stunning red rock formations and trails for any level of hiker. If you're a golfer, you'll love their course! The scenery is one of a kind and you actually play your round between some of the rock formations.

Visual Stimulation

Golden Triangle Museum District

Located right near our Golden Triangle dispensary is Denver’s Museum district. The major institutions housed in this cultural center include the Denver Art Museum, the Clyfford Still Museum, the Kirkland Museum and more. The Denver Art Museum features a working studio so any guest can enjoy a more interactive element of their museum visit. The Clyfford Still and Kirkland Museums offer more of a cerebral experience to patrons. All of the museums offer a unique experience and are within close proximity of each other. Enjoy an edible from MMJ America before your visit and take your experience to the next level.


MCA Denver

1485 Delgany St, Denver, CO

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver is a fabulous place to see works of art from up and coming artists. This museum hosts many events and has a cafe/bar with a patio that has a killer view of Denver as well. This is not the museum for you if you're looking to show your granny some renaissance paintings because there might be some chick peeing on them! (Just kidding, that was a one time performance, but you get the idea.)


Sante Fe Art Galleries

If you want to experience Denver’s art scene without paying museum fees, check out the independent galleries in this art district located on Santa Fe Drive between 6th and 13th Aveneus. These galleries feature modern and contemporary works of art by local artists. On the first Friday of every month the galleries stay open late and Santa Fe comes alive. Galleries offer drinks for a donation and food trucks are common on first Friday.


Denver Aquarium

700 Water St, Denver, CO

The Denver Aquarium is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy something beautiful and awesome. Here you can pet stingrays, check out fish from all different climates, and even see some bad ass tigers. Going later in the evening is suggested if you would like to avoid a bunch of little kids. There is also a sushi restaurant in the Aquarium if staring at all this fish or something else is making you hungry.


REI Denver

1416 Platte St, Denver, CO

This store is more than just your typical outdoor gear retailer. They have a huge rock climbing wall and in the summer you can see people testing out kayaks in the South Platte River! It's a great place to stroll and enjoy some Colorado sunshine while getting geared up for adventuring.


Colorado Sports

Colorado has teams from every major professional sport so you can likely catch a game no matter what time of year you're visiting! The Denver Broncos play at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, and tickets are the most expensive but you're sure to feel the excitement in the Rocky Mountain air. The Colorado Avalanche hockey team, the Denver Nuggets basketball team and the Colorado Mammoth indoor lacrosse teams all play at the Pepsi Center in Denver. Catch the Colorado Rapids soccer team at Dick's Sporting Goods Park as well!

Denver's Beer

Try Denver's Unique Craft Beer on Your Denver Marijuana Tour

Beer and buds go hand in hand and both are a large part of Colorado's culture. The state of Colorado actually produces the most beer in the US thanks to the huge Coors and Anheuser Busch breweries. However we suggest trying something a little more unique at one of the many micro-breweries that are popping up everywhere. Some local favorites in Downtown Denver include Breckenridge BreweryWynkoop Brewing CompanyRiver North Brewery and Great Divide Brewing Company just to name a few. For more options in the area click here.





Voodoo Donuts - This Seattle doughnut company just opened it's first store in Colorado and it's a stoners paradise!


Snooze - Absolutely the best brunch in Colorado with a seasonal menu that is sure to have something exciting and tasty for every palate.




Vine Street Pub - Great Colorado beer and casual drinking atmosphere.


Sam's No. 3 - Breakfast is available all day and night at this classic style diner and bar with green chili to die for!


Casa Bonita - If you watch South Park, that is pretty much the only reason to go here. This little gem is famous amongst Colorado residents for the cliff diving, cave adventures and all the sopapillas your stoney little heart can imagine. We recommend eating before, and just having drinks.


Yard House - Great place if you want to drink beer with your dinner. A little bit pricey, but great for high rollers!








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Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom & Otherside -  There's always a smoker-friendly show going on here regardless of the day of the week. You won't see big name artists, but true musicians in younger genres like hip hop and electronic make this venue a must-see.


PunchBowl Social - Voted Denver's best new bar, there is never any shortage of things to do with a beer in hand from bowling to board games.


Polished Tavern - Like vodka? This is the bar for you! With over 30 infusions on the menu and a large dance floor, this is a great place to get the night going.


Pour House - This place keeps it classic with quick, friendly service behind the bar. There's plenty of room for you and your friends to mingle and meet new people or find a corner to call your own. 

Day/Weekend Mountain Trips


About 80% of Colorado residents live in the Front Range area stretching from Fort Collins in the North to Colorado Springs in the South. Outside of this largely metropolitan area the seasons make a big difference and it can feel like two completely different places depending on the time of year. Here are a couple of suggestions for Summer and Winter stops on your marijuana tour outside of the Denver metro area.


Western Colorado

Red Rocks Amphitheater is an amazing fusion of nature and man who came together to create what is continually voted the best outdoor music venue in America. Artists dream of playing here and fans dream of seeing their favorites bands here. Red Rocks is so beautiful that it is worth the trip even if there is no show going on. Take a walk and check out the amazing rock formations, or bring your workout gear and run the stairs.


Glenwood Springs is about 3 hours west of Golden on 1-70. This small town if the perfect place for a weekend getaway. With an adventure park at over 7,00 feet in elevation you're sure to feel higher than ever before. Take a dip in the natural hot springs pool or hike up to Hanging Lake for some more incredible Colorado fun.


Alpine Slides at Winter Park - Excitement becomes a reality as you feel the rush of the 610 foot vertical drop of the Alpine Slide. You are in control of your speed, but don't go too crazy or you'll end up with wicked slide-burn. Over 3,000 feet long, the heart-pounding track winds its way under the Arrow chairlift at Winter Park. Check out Heritage Square in Golden, CO for Alpine slides that are much closer to the metro area. 


Mt.Bierstatd - Colorado has 53 mountains that are over 14,000 feet high. Mt.Beirstatd is considered Colorado's easiest 14er, and the fact that it's just over an hour away from Boulder in the town of Silverthorne makes it one of the most convenient too. *NOTE: The word "easy" is subjective! There is really no such thing as an easy 14er. However, this trail is very clearly marked and heavily traveled making it less difficult than others. The trail is about 4-5 hours round trip and there are a lot of people out on a weekend so don't plan on sparking up a doobie on the trail. The hike starts out as a winding trail through a nice field and some brush, then has a steep vertical incline leading to a large area of rocks at the summit. Views are stunning and certainly worth all the hard work.


Central City - In 1991 Colorado voters passed a bill legalizing limited stakes gambling in a  historic gold mining district that was once known as the “richest square mile on earth.” Central City is home to 8 casinos and it just an hour away from Denver and Boulder, making it the perfect place to to see if you can strike gold!

redrocksWaterfall Hanging Lake Colorado 150915389adventurepark mtBierstatd


Great Sand Dunes National Park 87493811

Southern Colorado


Southern Colorado has a very different feel than northern Colorado. You can even start to see changes in the wildlife as the environment transitions from the Alpine climate of the rockies to the more desert like climate of New Mexico. Be cautious about your marijuana use in Southern Colorado, it doesn't have the same 420 friendly reputation as the Denver/Boulder area and mountain towns do.


Cave of the Winds/Garden of the Gods If you're in the Colorado Springs area, you should consider checking out these examples of mother nature's handy work. Garden of the Gods is one of Colorado's most iconic national parks with amazing rock formations that tower up to 300 feet. Cave of the Winds is a ten minute drive away from the Garden of the Gods and got its name from the howl of the wind in this long winding cave. 


White Water Rafting on the Colorado RiverBuena Vista is a great little rafting town with a river running through the downtown area of the town where you can watch kayakers pulling fun tricks, grab a bite to eat or browse through local art galleries.


The Great Sand DunesAbout five hours South of Denver the Great Sand Dunes National Park is truly a wonder for the eyes. At the foot of the San Luis Valley mountain range lies a range of sand dunes that transport you from Colorado to a far away desert. You can rent a sandboard or wax for sleds to try something totally new. 


Western Colorado


Ski at Eldora - This mountain is one of Colorado's smaller hills but you can avoid most of the frou-frou Vail tourists and some of the traffic at this Boulder-area destination compared to a more notorious resort like Breckenridge.


Ruby Rail Yard at Winter Park - A great place to throw down tricks or just watch and maybe even try out a rail for the first time if you're feeling adventurous.


Telluride - Although Telluride is one of the furthest resorts from the Denver/Boulder area, it is an amazing mountain and usually gets the best snow.


Tubing - If you don't ski or if you're not interested in paying the lift ticket price but you still want to have some fun on the mountain, check out the tubing hill! Copper Mountain has great tubing and it is one of the closer mountains.


Snowshoeing - The Frisco Adventure Park has miles of trails specifically for snowshoeing in the Nordic Center. Snowshoeing is a great way to enjoy the serene beauty of Colorado mountains in winter without paying the hefty fees that come with skiing.


Snowmobiling - If skiing is too much work and tubing just isn't exciting enough, you can find snowmobile rentals in many mountain towns. Be sure to save your marijuana till after you ride. You'll need all your concentration just to hang on!



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Transportation - 420 Bus Tours

420 Bus Tours gives MMJ America clients a ride through the Colorado marijuana experience. Their 420 party bus can take you to our dispensaries, local head shops and even some grow rooms.


There really is an endless supply of things to do and see in Colorado. We strongly encourage you to explore the mountain towns as well as the cities of Denver and Boulder to the fullest. That being said, we want you to always make sure you are taking on your adventure with safety in mind. Just because marijuana is legal doesn't mean that driving under the influence of marijuana is legal. As a matter of fact, driving under the influence of any mind altering substance is extremely dangerous to your safety as well as the people around you. Instead of risking your life or legal troubles, let 420 Bus Tours drive you!  This MMJ America partner offers group and private tours to meet any needs. If you want to do your own thing, try the Taxi Magic app for a fast easy taxi anytime. The RTD bus system in Denver is also very easy to navigate with a new light rail to take you further and faster than ever before.

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