Canna Yams

Canna Yams

From dinner to dessert to breakfast, the Angry Chef has taught food and cannabis lovers how to cook delicious dishes. In honor of the holiday, learn how to make the classic with a twist, canna yams in this latest episode of MMJ America’s Cookin’ With Gab.

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Candied yams (or sweet potatoes if you prefer) are a classic Thanksgiving dish you can now craft for your family or friends. Don’t forget to check out how to make canna cornbread too.

Canna Yams Recipe

Here’s what you’ll need before you get started:

Ingredients & supplies

  • ¼ cup cannabutter
  • 4 lbs of sliced yams (or sweet potatoes) city trees chocolate agave
  • City Trees Chocolate Agave Tincture
  • Marshmallows (2 cups)
  • Brown sugar ⅓ cup
  • Ground nutmeg for taste
  • Cinnamon for taste
  • Vanilla extract

Cookin’ Time

Before you start on the yams, preheat the oven to 400 degrees and bring a big pot of water to a boil. Place (don’t dump!) sliced yams (or sweet potatoes) in boiling water for 15-17 minutes, putting the stove on medium heat. 

Once the sweet potatoes (or yams) are tender like mashed potatoes, drain potatoes. Mash potatoes in a large bowl.

Using your cannabutter you made previously or that you have leftover from your canna peach cobbler, add ¼ cup of GLP cannabutter in a saucepan over medium heat. Add marshmallows, brown sugar, and spices to the pan.

Add a drop or 2 of City Trees Chocolate Agave Tincture to your pan’s mixture as desired but use discretion. We recommend 2 drops total, which equates to 8 mg THC. Mix ingredients in saucepan.

Pour pan’s mixed ingredients with mashed potatoes in the bowl used previously. Mix bowl and pan’s ingredients together before spreading evenly on a 9×11 pyrex dish. Top the spread with marshmallows, covering the surface.

Place pyrex into the preheated oven. Bake for 15 minutes or until marshmallows are golden or look like Hawaiian sweet rolls. 

And then enjoy!

Find the THC-free, original recipe here.

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