2020 Nevada Caucuses: What to Expect

2020 Nevada Caucuses: What to Expect

2020 marks another election year for the United States. If you’re an advocate for cannabis, elections are another way to show your support and to find a president who represents you and your rights.

Learn what to expect from the upcoming 2020 Nevada Caucus, for both Democratic and Republican Parties.

What Is a Caucus?

Originally coined by the United States, the term caucus means meeting together with people of the same political affiliations. This term has since become a tradition in election cycles as a means of determining the final two candidates from each party to vote for on election day.

At this “meeting” or large gathering, people vote on their preferred candidate to represent their party as a whole. A caucus is scheduled early in the election year at different times in different states. In Nevada, the caucus is scheduled for February 22nd, 2020.what is a caucus graphic

People gather around the state at designated schools or areas to select a delegate who will represent a collection of voters and their preferred candidate. These delegates then go onto the Democratic and Republican Conventions scheduled for this summer.

Do you know who’s running and where they stand on the issues you care about? Learn more by bookmarking this 2020 Presidential Candidates on Cannabis Infographic.

When is the first caucus?

As is custom, the first Democratic caucus is in Iowa on Monday, February 3rd. Moreover, this electoral event is open to registered voters to discuss and then vote on delegates to represent their candidates. This initial caucus is an important one as it often determines momentum for the politicians going into subsequent contests.

Unlike other caucus systems, Iowa’s residents don’t formally vote but discuss who they want in office then send delegates who represent their final decision. 

Nevada’s caucus is a little different as well. 2020s caucus for both parties may show different from other states as well as different election years.

Republican Caucus

In September 2019, News 3 reported the Nevada Republican caucus in 2020 had been canceled. The party met in Winnemucca and voted to scrap its presidential caucus this year. According to reports, this approach will allow the Nevada GOP to focus more energy and efforts on re-electing than replacing Trump, [spending] “money on what counts: the election.”

Nevada is one of the few states that have abstained from the traditional caucus practice alongside South Caroline and North Dakota. 

Democrat Caucus

For the 2020 Nevada caucuses, the Nevada State Democratic Party strives to replicate the convention process that will allow for “a competitive edge” in the upcoming election. 

“NV Dems are working to expand our process by providing voters with multiple options across several days to participate,” the party said in a statement,” stated a representative last September.

The caucus will go on as scheduled for the democrats as more debates for the candidates are scheduled.

What to expect

what to expect at nevada caucus graphic

Registration for the Democratic Caucus begins the day of the actual gathering on February 22nd, 2020, at 10 a.m. It will commence at 12 that day.

To participate in the event on February 22nd,  follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you’re registered to vote!
  2. Find your precinct’s designated meeting place.
  3. Arrive at your precinct’s designated place during the appropriate hours.

Once you arrive, there will be instructions on where and what you will do next. There will be an area to sign in so you will receive further details on the next steps.

Early voting starts February 15, 2020 – February 18, 2020. 

What’s Next for Our America

It’s important to know where the 2020 candidates stand on cannabis and other important issues before you go to the ballot box this November.

Educate your vote by following us for the latest candidate updates.

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