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MMJ America has the premier marijuana dispensaries. We're named MMJ America because we built our business on the same principles that were championed by the founding fathers: freedom, independence and democracy, along with respect for the earth's natural resources. By voting to legalize medical and recreational marijuana, the citizens have affirmed the individual’s right to manage their own health care by utilizing a natural herb. We have opened the door to economic prosperity by capitalizing on the benefits of the cannabis plant. MMJ America is honored to be part of this monumental time in history when we-the-people are burning the fire of freedom and we're inviting you to join us in a toast to good health and the pursuit of happiness.



The latest news in recreational marijuana comes out of Las Vegas where we opened the doors to recreational sales in July 2017. MMJ America and the voters of Colorado and Nevada firmly believe that everyone has a right to personal freedom, especially to make their own decisions when it comes time to kick back, relax and let loose. We are excited to be making history by offering recreational marijuana sales to all adults over age 21 at our locations. We love to hear from our patients and our legal recreational customers. Follow and share your thoughts via social media or contact us if you can’t find answers to your questions on our FAQ page.



We cultivate our award winning marijuana as effectively as possible so we can pass the savings back to our customers and maintain our reputation for the highest quality product. Be sure to check out our beautiful plant photos in the Strain Library and read up on our cultivation facilities and exclusive genetics. As the industry grows, we hope to grow alongside it.  MMJ America is currently pursuing more locations and franchises in other states that have passed marijuana laws. MMJ America is more than just dispensaries, we are a community of cannabis activists. Spreading knowledge and information is the best way to be an advocate, so be sure to get educated with the history of marijuana timeline

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