Recreational Marijuana Prices

In case you missed it MMJ America is officially open for legal marijuana retail sales at our downtown Denver location! We are very excited to welcome new friends into the cannabis community, come see us today to experience Cannabis Cup award-winning products like Larry OG and Dixie Chocolate Truffles at prices that won’t break the bank. Below is a sample of our price listing for recreational marijuana sales. Prices are subject to change, to see exactly what is on the shelves today check us out on Weedmaps.



Gram 1/8oz 1/4oz 1/2oz 1oz
MID Shelf $12 $30 $50 $90 $150
Top Shelf Strains $17 $40 $70 $120 $200
Premium Strains $22 $50 $90 $150 $250
Cheech's Private Stash $25 $45


Mahatma Ear Wax (1g) $30
TC Labs Shatter Glass $35
Kush Concentrates Live Resin $45
Kush Concentrates Sauce: $45


Green Apple Leather (100mg) $30
Strawberry Leather (100mg) $30
Fire Honey (100mg) $30
Wind Honey (100mg)  $30
Wind Olive Oil (100mg) $30
Americanna: Mixed CBD Puffs (100mg) $25
Americanna: Mixed Sour Sativa Puffs (100mg) $25
Americanna: Mixed Sweet Indica Puffs (100mg) $25
Caramel Espresso Brownie (20mg) $10
Kookie Dough Blondie (20mg) $10
Mint Chocolate Cookies (10mg) $6
Snickerdoodle Cookies (10mg) $6
Apple Zoot Rocks (100mg) $25
Berry Zoot Rocks (100mg) $25
Caramel Zoot Rocks (100mg) $25
Disposable Grand Daddy Purps (500mg) $52
Disposable Gorilla Glue #4 (500mg) $52
Disposable Green Crack (500mg) $52
Disposable Durban Poison (500mg) $15
Disposable Platinum Cookies (500mg) $52
Disposable Sour Tangie (500mg) $52
GDP 5-10 Cartridge $52
GG#4 5-10 Cartridge $52
Green Crack 5-10 Cartridge $52
Durban Poison 5-10 Cartridge $52
Sour Tangie 5-10 Cartridge $52
Platinum Cookies 5-10 Cartridge $52
CBD Cherry Pucks (200mg:20mg) $48
Fruity Pucks (100mg) $25
Peach Pucks (100mg) $25
Sour Pucks (100mg) $25
Strawberry Pucks (100mg) $25
Watermelon Pucks (100mg) $25
Aces Wild: Cherry Berry Pop (10mg) $8
Aces Wild: Green Apple Pop (10mg) $8
Aces Wild: Orange Cream Pop (10mg) $8
Aces Wild: Strawberry Cream Pop (10mg) $8
Berry Blast Pot-Rox (10mg) $8
Sour Apple Pot-Rox (10mg) $8
Sour Grape Pot-Rox (10mg) $8
Strawberry Kiwi Pot-Rox (10mg) $8
Coffee and Doughnuts Bar (100mg) $25
Cream and Crumble Bar (100mg) $25
Pecan and Maple Bar (100mg) $25
Crescendo Truffles (60mg) $25
Forte Truffles (60mg) $25
Serenade Truffles (60mg) $25
Hot Chocolate (10mg) $8
Minuet Roll-Ons (60mg) $48
Apple Berry 500mg Cartridge $37
Blue Razz 500mg Cartridge $37
Clementine 500mg Cartridge $37
Golden Pineapple 500mg Cartridge $37
Passion Fruit 500mg Cartridge $37
Sour Lime 500mg Cartridge $37
Birthday Bar (100mg) $25
Milk Chocolate - Indica Bar (100mg) $25
Milk Chocolate - Sativa Bar (100mg) $25
Synergy Chocolate Bar (100mg/100mg) $49
Fruit Punch Elixir (100mg) $27
Half & Half Elixir(100mg) $27
Root Beer Elxir (100mg) $27
Bath Soak (100mg) $27
Compound (50mg/50mg) $18
Relief Lotion (100mg) $27
Hybrid Bubble Joint $15
Indica Bubble Joint $15
Sativa Bubble Joint $15
Blue Dream Razz (10mg) $8
Bubba Kush Root Beer (10mg) $8
Cola (10mg) $8
Orange Kush (10mg) $8
Purple Passion Grape (10mg) $8
Blueberry Bar (100mg) $27
Peach Bar (100mg) $27
Strawberry Bar (100mg) $27
Cherry Lemon Chew (100mg) $30
Cherry Chew (100mg) $30
CBD Tinqture (600mg) $110
Hybrid Tinqture (100mg) $30
Indica Tinqture (100mg) $30
Sativa Tinqture (100mg) $30
Compound: CBC:CBDa:THCa (100mg) $68
Transdermal Patch: CBD (10mg) $14
Transdermal Patch: CBN (10mg) $14
Transdermal Patch: THCa (10mg) $14
Transdermal Patch: THC-Indica (10mg) $14
Transdermal Patch: THC-Sativa (10mg) $14
Transdermal Patches: CBD:THC 1.1 Ratio (10mg) $14
Transdermal Pen: CBD (50mg) $68
Transdermal Pen: CBN (50mg) $68
Transdermal Pen: Indica (50mg) $68
Transdermal Pen: Sativa (50mg) $68
Budder Pod Hybrid (500mg) $55
Budder Pod Indica (500mg) $55
Budder Pod Sativa (500mg) $55
Distillate Pod Blueberry (500mg) $74
Distillate Pod Creamsicle (500mg) $74
Distillate Pod Peach (500mg) $74
Distillate Pod Sweet Mint (500mg) $74
Live Resin Pod Bubba Kush (500mg) $74
Live Resin Pod Kosher Kush (500mg) $74
Live Resin Pod Panama Punch (500mg) $74
Live Resin Pod Pre '98 Bubba (500mg) $74
Live Resin Pod Sour Diesel (500mg) $74
Live Resin Pod Tangie (500mg) $74
Vaporizer $27
CBD Tablets (90mg/90mg) $50
Energy: Sativa Tablets (100mg) $25
Relax: Hybrid Tablets (100mg) $25
Sleep: Indica Tablets (100mg) $25
5-10 Thread Batteries $14
Rip n Ditches $9
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