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Finding a recreational dispensary in the state of Colorado has never been so confusing. While more and more of them are cropping up around the state, it’s becoming ever more difficult to find one that is committed to providing a quality product.

That’s where MMJ America is different from the rest. Their 18 Cannabis Cups are proof positive that they are in business solely for the customer experience. If you are looking for the absolute finest quality of recreational marijuana in the state of Colorado, you’ll find it at the recreational dispensary MMJ America.

With 7 locations nationwide, MMJ America has 3 convenient places to get your marijuana in the Denver area, one in Boulder and 1 coming soon in Las Vegas. As laws are changed across the US, MMJ America is intent on being on the front of newly opening franchises across the country, making the product they deeply believe in available to adults in areas where it is becoming legal to possess.

As a leader in the Colorado marijuana industry, MMJ America has been in the forefront of its news since its inception more than 10 years ago. It’s only natural that they are also in the forefront of recreational marijuana as well. They take great pride in being able to offer people from around the world the opportunity to try their cannabis cup award-winning recreational cannabis.

At each of the recreational dispensary locations, MMJ America’s staff is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to anyone who walks through their doors. Whether you’ve visited one of their locations before or are a new customer, you’ll be greeted with warmth and friendliness as you shop for the best cannabis in the state.

Colorado has become the destination for cannabis enthusiasts ever since the residents of the state voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. While there are currently no guide books for marijuana tours, MMJ America has taken it upon themselves to put together a list of the best spots in the state for visitors.

Your tour starts at one of MMJ America’s locations where you can find the world’s best cannabis strains and purchase the legal amount of marijuana at the best prices around. Visit to see their visitors’ guide to outdoor activities and parks while you’re spending time in the area.

Obtaining your Red Card to purchase medical marijuana is a simple and straightforward process that begins by talking to your doctor about your condition that has lead you to believe you would benefit from the use of cannabis. Following your talk, simply fill out the application, notarize it and submit your application to the appropriate department. Declare a primary caregiver where you would like to purchase your cannabis from to complete your application.

MMJ America highly recommends making them your primary caregiver- and not just because they want to earn your business. You’ll enjoy discounts and exclusive members’ benefits when you make them your number one place to shop. Find out more about shopping at a MMJ America recreational dispensary by visiting

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