Recreational Dispensaries Boulder

If you’re an adult of age 21 or older in the state of Colorado, you can now
legally possess 1 ounce of marijuana. The actual amendment has been worded so that it is now possible to possess one full ounce of THC- great news for residence because in addition to being able to possess the bud, you can posses a variety of edibles and concentrates, along with seeds.

Recreational dispensaries are cropping up around Boulder but buyers should beware- not all places that sell marijuana are dedicated to providing a high quality product you’ll be pleased with. MMJ America is not like other recreational dispensaries in Boulder- guaranteed. Their Broadway St location is a recreational and medical dispensary that is dedicated to bringing their patients and customers the absolute finest quality of marijuana obtainable.

Located just around the corner from the walking section of the Park St. Mall, MMJ America is the only place in Boulder where both recreational and medical customers can shop at one location. Their exclusive parking lot around the back of the store will ensure you’ll find parking with no hassles.

Your constitutional right guarantees you the ability to possess and consume marijuana in Colorado provided you are 21 years of age or older. You’ll need a government-issued ID to purchase, and you don’t have to be a resident of Colorado to benefit from their laws! Just being in Colorado gives you all of the rights of the law.

MMJ America firmly believes in the healing powers of cannabis and maintains a mission to be the leading marijuana dispensary group across America. They are dedicated to putting patients and customers first by providing top quality Cannabis Cup winning product at unmatched prices, as well as advocating for the progressive reform of marijuana laws. You’ll find they are the leaders in the industry among recreational dispensaries in Boulder and across the state of Colorado.

As proud advocates for patients’ rights, MMJ America has helped to develop the ground-breaking Colorado marijuana laws, and as such, treats their role in the community with a great sense of responsibility. MMJ America donates to further the missions of charities including: The University of Colorado Boulder, Adaptive Action Sports, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Children’s Hospital, CASA and Power of Love gala.

MMJ America welcomes everyone over the age of 21 to shop with them and experience the revolutionary marijuana shopping experience taking place in Colorado. Be a part of history in the making and embrace the future of personal freedom that is a birthright to all Colorado residents.

Amendment 64 has given Colorado residents and those visiting the state of Colorado exclusive rights to buy and carry marijuana purchased from one of the recreational dispensaries in Boulder and elsewhere. MMJ America welcomes new friends into the cannabis community and invites you to experience their products. Stop by their Boulder location or one of their convenient Denver locations to purchase the highest quality of marijuana in the world. You won’t be sorry!

Recreational Dispensaries Boulder
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Recreational Dispensaries Boulder Recreational Dispensaries Boulder