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Are you looking for a Las Vegas dispensary that has high quality products at great prices? That’s a combination you’re not likely to find in very many places. MMJ America is changing the way their customers shop for marijuana, with their award-winning cannabis that keeps customers coming back time after time.

Las Vegas residents and visitors will be met in January of 2017 with a ground-breaking new MMJ America location at 4660 Decatur Blvd. in Las Vegas, NV, where they will be able to purchase the best quality of marijuana in the country. In 2014, Nevada’s residents adopted new legislature that repealed the prohibition on medical marijuana. Nevada’s new laws now allow card holders for medical marijuana from other states to purchase their medications while visiting Nevada.

Members at the Las Vegas dispensary will also have a very happy birthday thanks to special member gifts they will receive as MMJ America’s way of saying thanks for your business. You can share the love by referring a friend and if they should become a member as well, you’ll receive an 1/8th ounce of any mid-shelf marijuana strain for just one penny.

Nevada has long been a destination for pioneers looking for a fresh start- it’s only natural that visitors to Las Vegas would want to stop into a dispensary and take advantage of new laws that allow them to get their medical marijuana while they’re visiting.

You’ll find MMJ America’s Las Vegas dispensary to be conveniently located just up from the main Strip and convenient to all of the action that has brought you to Las Vegas.

Find out more about Nevada laws, about the company that has been the recipient of 18 Cannabis Cups and about how you can obtain and possess marijuana legally in the states of Colorado and Nevada for your medical purposes by visiting Don’t forget to check out their FAQ page to discover what cannabis can do for your condition and find out how to get your Red Card today.

Las Vegas Dispensary
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Las Vegas Dispensary Las Vegas Dispensary