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Are you searching for a reputable dispensary in the Boulder area? Consider MMJ America for your primary caregiver and discover the benefits of becoming a member at one of the most prestigious locations in the area. MMJ America’s Pearl Street Mall location is conveniently located to ensure their customers can obtain their recreational and medical marijuana with the least amount of hassle possible.

Whether you’re not quite satisfied with the dispensary you are currently buying from in Boulder or are searching for a place to purchase for the first time, you’ll find MMJ America’s Pearl Street Mall shop to fit your needs well. Just around the corner from the walking section of the mall, MMJ America’s dispensary in Boulder is the only place in the city where both medical patients and recreational customers can shop at one store.

We all know what a challenge it can be to find parking in Boulder, which is the reason why MMJ America has its own exclusive parking lot for their customers right in back of the store. So don’t let driving into the city keep you from stopping by MMJ America and taking advantage of all of the benefits of purchasing there.

Why buy from MMJ America? We’ll give you 18 reasons- and all of them have to do with quality. MMJ America grows and sells Cannabis Cup award-winning recreational and medical marijuana at unbeatable prices. In fact they have won 18 Cannabis Cups and are stopping no time soon. A few of the awards they’ve received for their incredible products include:

- First CBD Flower
- First Indica Flower
- First Hybrid Flower
- First Edible Source
- First Indica Concentrate
- First Nerder Hash
- And the list goes on!

You absolutely won’t find better quality from any dispensary in Boulder and you won’t find better prices. Consider a few of the benefits of making MMJ America your primary caregiver:

- Of course, their state-wide famous Penny Daze benefit is one of the most popular. MMJ America will match each gram you buy with a gram of their house shake for only one penny at all of their locations including their dispensary in Boulder. If you purchase more than 5 grams, you’ll receive your choice of 5 grams of house shake blend, 1 gram of house chief, any edible of 50mg or less or 2 cone joints- just for one penny.

- Exclusive member pricing and reduced rates on all of your medical marijuana needs. Save $40 before tax compared to non-members on every mid-shelf ounce you purchase and $25 off of top-shelf ounces.

- Member birthday gifts are also very popular! To ensure their members have a happy birthday, MMJ America will present you with a special gift when you visit on your birthday as their way of saying thank you for your membership.

- When you refer a friend you will be shown MMJ America’s appreciation, with a 1/8th ounce of any mid-shelf marijuana strain for just one penny.

Stop by the dispensary in Boulder and discover why MMJ America is considered the most trusted dispensary in all of Colorado.

Dispensary Boulder
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Dispensary Boulder Dispensary Boulder