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MMJ American provides Cannabis Cup award-winning recreational and medical marijuana at great prices through their Denver dispensaries. MMJ American cultivates their marijuana as effectively as possible so they can pass the savings on to their customers while still being able to maintain their reputation for the highest quality product imaginable.

MMJ America Downtown is the largest of Denver dispensaries and the most convenient recreational legal and medical marijuana dispensary in the region. Located just blocks from Coors Field and the convenient downtown location, MMJ America Downtown is in the perfect place for their customers to easily access by exiting I-25 on Park Ave or 20th Street. You’ll always be able to find parking and there is even reserved parking for patients.

As a one-stop shop that shares a wall with Mile High Pipe and Tobacco, you can pick up all of your medicine and paraphernalia at one time. Don’t even bother shopping around- you won’t find better prices or a higher quality product. MMJ America’s bud tenders are on site to help you get educated on the medicinal effects you are looking for.

MMJ America offers 3 convenient Denver dispensaries and a Las Vegas location for your convenience, including their most-convenient location in downtown, in the Pearl Street Mall, In Sheridan, in the Golden Triangle, and on Decatur Blvd in Las Vegas. 

As a company that believes in the healing powers of Cannabis, MMJ America is committed to educating their customers in its amazing benefits. Feel free to access their educational information located at to learn more about medical marijuana’s uses in cancer, seizures, pain, muscle spasms and MS, for HIV and AIDS, and for use in Glaucoma. You’ll find a wealth of information to show for the research that has been done throughout the ages on the benefits of marijuana.

While the medical marijuana industry is constantly changing, at MMJ America, they strive to make it easy for their patients to understand the ins and outs. In order to shop at the Denver dispensaries, you’ll need a Red Card. There are 5 simple steps you can take to receive your Red Card:

1. Talk to your doctor about how medical marijuana can help with your current condition
2. Fill out the simple application to get the process started
3. Notarize your application
4. Submit your application
5. Declare a caregiver

It really is that simple. To determine if you qualify for medical marijuana, visit and take a look at the approved conditions that may allow you to get your Red Card, which include suffering with severe pain, having seizures, having cancer, dealing with severe nausea, being diagnosed with Glaucoma, and other conditions as well.

Making MMJ America your primary caregiver comes with a wealth of benefits including their convenient Denver dispensaries that make it easy to get the medical marijuana you want. Find out more by visiting online at and reading through their FAQ page.

Denver Dispensaries
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