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Are you looking for a medical marijuana dispensary in the Boulder area? Patients find MMJ America’s Pearl St. Mall location to be among the most convenient of all Boulder dispensaries. Located at 1909 Broadway St in Boulder, there isn’t a more convenient location to pick up your medical marijuana.

Patients looking at Bounder dispensaries find that MMJ America’s cozy shop is right around the corner from the walking section of the Pearl Street Mall, and is the only dispensary where medical patients and recreational customers can shop at one location. While you may have found that parking can sometimes be a challenge in Boulder, you won’t have to worry at MMJ America since they own an exclusive lot for their customers in back of the store.

Patients who are concerned about their privacy will appreciate the downstairs entrance that provides a discreet way to pick up medication. As a customer at one of the largest Boulder dispensaries, you may be surprised to find that the staff at MMJ America is quick to get to know patients and members, making them feel like friends from the start.

Patients who have chosen one of the other Boulder dispensaries to be their primary caregiver can still shop at MMJ America and enjoy all of the advantages of doing business there. Although they do encourage patients to make them their primary caregiver, anyone with a Colorado Red Card is welcome to shop at any of MMJ America’s locations. Members will receive exclusive benefits, which is one reason why so many locals have chosen MMJ America for their primary caregiver.

MMJ America sells a wide range of marijuana edibles in their Boulder dispensary, designed to meet a diversity of needs. Since everyone responds differently to marijuana edibles, it is recommended to start with a small dose and increase the dose slightly if the desired effects are not achieved.

If you require the services of a notary, there is one conveniently on-site at MMJ America’s Boulder location. If you require assistance switching over your caregiver, reporting a lost, stolen or damaged Red Card of have other needs, you’ll find they will be able to provide the service requested.

To shop at any of the Boulder, CO dispensaries, you’ll need a valid form of ID that is government issued, each and every time you shop at any dispensary location.

You can see a complete list of the products available on any given day when you stop by and click on the ‘Products’ link at the top of the home page. From there, you can see products from both the Recreational menu and the Medical menu, as well as current strains that are available.

Make MMJ America your primary caregiver and discover why locals consider them the most reliable and affordable of all Bounder Dispensaries. You won’t find better prices of higher quality products anywhere. Exclusive member benefits include Penny Daze, official member’s pricing, member birthday gifts, and refer a friend benefits. Why not make them your home for the best marijuana in Colorado?

Boulder Dispensaries
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